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SuperGreen TONIK vs Athletic Greens- Which is Better?

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Superfood dietary supplements are the most well liked craze out there however are they actually ‘superfoods’ or is it simply one other ‘superhype’? Well, for me, and most of the people who’ve recognized at the same time as a lot as barely in regards to the complement business, superfood dietary supplements do deserve the limelight that health-conscious persons are flashing at them.

Superfood dietary supplements are these metaphorical dietary bridges to fill within the hole in your food regimen.

In the specifics of the article, I’ll discuss in regards to the two extremely mentioned of and actually efficacious superfood powders- TremendousGreen Tonik vs Athletic Greens, dive deep into every of the merchandise and eventually select one winner that I’d advocate over the opposite based mostly on a number of components.

However, earlier than breaking down the specifics of every product, allow us to first perceive why you ought to be taking superfood dietary supplements different than simply balancing the dietary density of your meal.

Why Should You Take Superfood Supplements?

For me, superfood dietary supplements are a terrific supply to fill in on antioxidants and probiotics which might be nice for the intestine, nonetheless, supergreen powders do extra than simply that.

The stack of nutritional vitamins and what they do in your pores and skin (we women spend an entire lot of time on skincare) accessible in superfoods and their dietary supplements is extra than simply spectacular. The most outstanding advantages of superfood dietary supplements are:

1. Nutritiously Richer than an Average Meal

It is no lie that most individuals have a food regimen plan that is low in vitamins and superfood dietary supplements might be an effective way to fill in for the lacking vitamins. The reputed dietary supplements like TremendousGreen TONIK and Athletic Greens are loaded with nutritional vitamins, probiotics, antioxidants and a lot extra.

If you might be considering it is best to simply purchase superfoods as an alternative, it is best to know that the concept is to have a balanced food regimen, not an extra of 1 macro or micro and the deficiency of the other. Also, scrutinising and shopping for superfoods from the grocery store gained’t simply value you a fortune, however most of them will in all probability be a waste when you don’t end them quickly sufficient.  

2. Improve Overall Health and Immunity

It is no notion that superfood dietary supplements promote total health and immunity. The nutritional vitamins, probiotics, and all the pieces that make superfood dietary supplements ‘super’ evidently enhance long-range health past their dietary values whereas additionally giving an enormous enhance to your immunity.

3. Give an Energy Boost

With severely fewer energy, you could be sceptical if superfood dietary supplements provide any power in any respect, nonetheless, they might have plant compounds that will help you burn energy and really feel extra alert.

Certain superfood dietary supplements have inexperienced tea extract that actively helps you feel more energized and boosts alertness

4. May Stave off Chronic Diseases

With a lot of antioxidants, phytonutrients and anti inflammatory compounds in greens powders, these dietary supplements might assist forestall the chance of persistent illnesses.

Most reliable superfood powders have a good quantity of probiotics that preserve the intestine healthy which finally staves off persistent illnesses from housing your physique.

Although, it is true that all of us need to be more healthy, will we not need to FEEL more healthy too? Feeling healthy is a state of the physique as a lot because it is of the thoughts– TremendousGreen TONIK with it’s rigorously chosen nootropic mix included within the 38 components (22 nutritional vitamins and 16 superfoods) helps you obtain each health and that feel-good vibe with it.

In a 12g serving measurement, there’s 1 gram of sugar- this is a draw back if I’m to say, trigger I don’t actually see the purpose of sweeteners (even pure ones) in a superfood complement.

The slight minty style is completely wonderful whereas it’s extremely palatable with water. Having mentioned that, from my private expertise, it completely does stand true to growing psychological readability, selling common health and serving to you keep calm and begin lively and energized. 


  • Organic Greens Blend (7500mg): TremendousGreen TONIK is gaining reputation all all over the world, for it is a concentrated mix of natural greens like Chlorella, Barley, Spirulina, Spinach Leaf and Kale, The natural half has already gained me over which interprets to zero to nearly negligible concentrated pesticides. The mix improves intestine health and promotes total health with out interacting with medicines. 
  • Nootropic Blend(1800mg): Ingredients like Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Rhodiola and L-tyrosine, have brain-boosting properties, which assist to reinforce your reminiscence energy, psychological focus, and many others. The nootropic mix additionally aids in bettering cognitive skill, sleep patterns and usually the standard of life. This extremely efficacious mix does actually assist you to really feel extra mentally alert whereas tremendously benefiting your cognitive capabilities.
  • Immune Blend(1000mg): A healthy immune system lets you battle illnesses and work towards cell injury which can trigger illnesses like diabetes- TremendousGreen TONIK helps to reinforce your immune system with the assistance of components like dandelion leaf, garlic extract, and olive leaf. 
  • Vitamins and Minerals: TremendousGreen TONIK has 22 important nutritional vitamins and minerals, like Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Vitamin A, Zinc and many others. that are essential for the right functioning of the immune and nervous system. Additionally, these nutritional vitamins and minerals are in simply the appropriate scientific dosages so that you’re neither getting much less nor extra.


  • More Energy: The 16 included superfoods in TremendousGreen TONIK enhance your power and there might be no higher solution to begin lively and energized than to sip on a glass of this extremely efficacious superfoods powder. You can lastly decide up that sport or pastime that you simply earlier felt too drained to pursue with TremendousGreen TONIK.
  • Boosted Immune System: Fight towards infections and illnesses with the TremendousGreen TONIK immunity booster. TremendousGreen TONIK with a excessive focus of vitamins fulfil all of your necessities for good health and a boosted immunity system
  • Reduced Anxiety: TremendousGreen TONIK makes your life extra gratifying and stress-free by growing your psychological focus and reduces anxiousness. It lets you preserve your self calm and relaxed and in addition aids normalized sleeping patterns.
  • Increased Focus and Concentration: Maximize the extent of your mind’s productiveness and improve your focus and focus, with TremendousGreen TONIK. 


  • Organic healthy greens
  • Transparent method and full disclosure of dosages
  • Donation to VitaminAngels, a belief that helps malnourished and the unlucky
  • Packed with 38 nutritional vitamins/minerals, and superfoods
  • Added nootropic mix that is uncommon in inexperienced and superfood powders
  • 365-day money-back assure


  • The month-to-month tub might be quite costly
  • Contains no probiotics
  • Has 1 gram of sugar per serving
  • Contains no prebiotics or digestive enzymes both

Athletic Greens– The All-Rounder Greens Supplement

Ruling the market as a pioneering model to offer the perfect superfood powder since 2010, Athletic Greens does actually deserve the credit thrown its manner. As a complete complement with 75 components (sure, you learn that proper), Athletic Greens is the simplest solution to cowl your dietary bases. 

The firm retains tweaking the ‘proprietary’ method over time to include probably the most up-to-date components into the SUPER healthy powder that helps you adapt to alter as your day by day wants begin differing from the present one.

However, right here’s the catch: they do point out the components current, though the dosages aren’t talked about. I really dislike this apply as a result of you could know what you might be consuming however you by no means know the way a lot of it you might be consuming to be able to meet your day by day objectives.

Apart from these downsides, it has a terrific style and a greens powder can by no means style higher. You’re positive to really feel the power oozing out mixed with enhanced efficiency when you take it the very first thing within the morning (ideally with water, however it additionally tastes nice with orange juice or lemonade).


  • Vitamins and Minerals: This final day by day greens powder is loaded with nutritional vitamins and minerals which might be needed for the properly functioning of the nervous system. These nutritional vitamins and micronutrients additionally support in bettering the immune system.
  • Superfood Complex: The superfood complicated of Athletic Greens has all of the antioxidants wanted to counteract the impression of free radicals on the physique, a significant impression being the acceleration of the ageing course of. The complicated incorporates antioxidants which might be equal to 12 servings of veggies and fruits.
  • Dairy-Free Prebiotics and Probiotics: If you might be lactose illiberal– Voila! Problem solved. Athletic Greens incorporates high-quality prebiotics and probiotics that enhance intestine health, higher your immune system and improve nutrient absorption. 
  • Digestive Enzymes and Mushroom Complex: These enzymes in Athletic Greens bolster the digestion course of and in addition support within the absorption of the vitamins. The Mushroom complicated has a mix of rigorously chosen mushrooms that help and strengthen the immune system.
  • Adaptogens: The adaptogens are an unusual addition to Athletic Greens that support in normalizing sleep patterns, scale back stress and decrease bodily and psychological fatigue. These wonderful herbs will also be a terrific neural help, that profit cognition, reminiscence and the nervous system. 


  • Increases Energy: Athletic Greens accommodates vitamins which assist you to really feel energized all through the day, fights with fatigue, and it additionally helps in dropping weight by maintaining you feeling full. With Green Tea Extract and Wheat Grass fused in a single complement, you might be positive to get that power kick from Athletic Greens.
  • Supports Recovery: Athletic Greens is useful in recovering from anxiousness and stress. Designed to reinforce efficiency and restoration, Athletic Greens does absolutely assist you to get again in form and overcome fatigue.
  • Improves Immunity: The important nutritional vitamins and minerals contained in Athletic Greens assist to enhance our immunity system. Athletic Greens has a mushroom complicated too, to help the immune system which is uncommon in greens powders.
  • Helps with Digestion: Athletic Greens powder accommodates the probiotics of their powdered type which might be readily soluble in liquid and this quickens the digestive course of. It has prebiotics to be able to feed the probiotics and assist them work higher to reinforce absorption and strengthen the intestine.


  • Gluten free, dairy free, vegan, keto, and extra
  • Tastes nice
  • 75 totally different and simply absorbable components
  • All Natural and handy
  • Has mushroom complicated and adaptogens too


  • Some complaints about ineffectiveness
  • Some complaints of digestive points like bloating
  • More really useful for athletes quite than common professionals

TremendousGreen TONIK vs Athletic Greens – Where Do They Stand?

I’ve in contrast TremendousGreen TONIK and Athletic Greens on varied requirements which might be components, style, transparency, advantages, and worth.

Ingredients and Dosage

TremendousGreen TONIK has 38 components with 22 minerals and 16 superfoods, divided into three separate blends: natural greens mix, nootropic/ mind mix and an immune mix. The nootropic mix is actually uncommon for a greens powder and this particularly provides TremendousGreen TONIK a minimize above the remaining. However, it has no probiotics or digestive enzymes which is a draw back.

Athletic Greens then again has 75 straightforward to soak up components with the prebiotics, probiotics and the digestive enzymes that have been lacking in TremendousGreen TONIK. This provides Athletic Greens an higher hand over TremendousGreen TONIK each when it comes to the variety of components and the essential components that ought to at all times be there in a superfood complement. 

The one factor that brings the competitors to equal or kind of weighted in direction of TremendousGreen TONIK is the method disclosure whereas Athletic Greens has a ‘proprietary blend’ and you don’t get to know whether or not the components you devour are successfully dosed or not.


Athletic Greens is by far the perfect tasting greens powder and it does beat TremendousGreen TONIK by a lot. If you’ve by no means had greens powder earlier than, you have to be of the notion that it’s going to have that particular grassy style, nonetheless, Athletic Greens will take you abruptly with its irresistible style whereas being extremely palatable even with water. 

TremendousGreen TONIK has a minty style with a lot sweetness to masks the grassy flavour nonetheless, some may nonetheless discover it to be barely odd tasting and it under no circumstances compares to Athletic Greens in terms of taste- Athletic Greens wins right here.


Athletic Greens is some of the offered superfood powders that is a complete all-in-one complement for day by day consumption. It undoubtedly has lots of multivitamins that you simply do not need to purchase individually on the native retailer.

The complement helps restoration which is extremely helpful to athletes, aside from offering the common advantages of a typical greens powder.

TremendousGreen TONIK can be utilized to fight intervals of poor nutrition. The one profit that provides TremendousGreen TONIK an edge over Athletic Greens is the enhancement of cognitive talents with the Brain Blend.

Finding a greens powder that additionally helps your psychological functioning is actually uncommon and TremendousGreen TONIK does undoubtedly sweep off the trophy on this case.


Both Athletic Greens and TremendousGreen TONIK are premium, high-end merchandise however breaking down the day by day value for every product, Athletic Greens prices round $2.90 per day, nonetheless, this value is unique of the extra delivery expenses levied on Athletic Greens.

If you add the supply cost together with the unique product cost, the serving value can go as excessive as as much as $3.56.

TremendousGreen TONIK on the opposite has no delivery expenses and the day by day serving value for the bigger bundles might be $2.09 whereas the day by day serving value for the month-to-month tub might be someplace close to $3.00 which is nonetheless considerably cheaper than Athletic Greens.

Again, TremendousGreen TONIK wins right here by figuring out visibly cheaper than Athletic Greens.

Who Wins The Ultimate Battle-TremendousGreen TONIK Vs Athletic Greens

In a comparability between TremendousGreen TONIK vs Athletic Greens, TremendousGreen TONIK has a greater ingredient profile, nice style and is more practical in comparison with Athletic Greens or different inexperienced powders out there.

The cause I selected TremendousGreen TONIK is that it cuts by means of the doubtful advertising methods, bringing you minimal but an important vitamins into one glass of ‘super’ drink whereas sustaining full disclosure of the components and dosages.

Athletic Greens isn’t a product that is aimed to help our skilled lives whenever you need not simply an power enhance but additionally cognitive advantages (all beneath a price range), which is why TremendousGreen TONIK could be a nice different that isn’t simply cost-efficient but additionally works as a nootropic stack to filter mind fog and assist enhance psychological readability. 

I drink TremendousGreen TONIK each day, and understanding that I’ve full data of what I devour whereas beginning my day with nothing however the perfect, there’s no different greens powder that deserves the crown greater than TremendousGreen TONIK.

Click to get discounted worth for each SuperGreen TONIK and Athletic Greens.

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