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Benefits of Sitting on a Stability Ball at Work

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Normal workplace chairs are infamous for negatively impacting your posture, particularly if you’re sitting in them improperly. Slouching in your chair may result in a lower in your core energy and a quantity of different health issues we’ll discover additional on this article. 

The answer? It could also be changing your workplace chair for a stability ball.

Here, we focus on the science behind the connection between how we sit and our health, the potential advantages of sitting on a stability ball, and several other exercises for enhancing your again health and posture. 

The Biomechanics of Sitting

Just like all our actions, sitting requires the activation and rest of sure muscle tissue, and it stresses totally different bones. The components of the physique which are most studied relating to sitting posture is the backbone and again (lumbar area) and the pelvis. The hamstring muscle tissue additionally affect sitting posture, nevertheless. 

The biomechanics of sitting can change considerably relying on the chair kind and posture. When we stand freely, all of our weight is transferred to the ground by our toes. When we sit down, most of the weight switch to the ground is shifted from our toes to the seat pan, armrests, and backrests. This switch offers our toes a feeling of aid. 

Lumbar Region

When we sit, we naturally are inclined to slouch a little to really feel aid from standing. Our lumbar area is concave and curved towards the abdomen, giving the looks of “slouching.” In this posture, technically referred to as lordotic, the vertebrae and discs are thicker towards the entrance of the physique slightly than towards the again of the physique to cushion the elevated strain on this half of the vertebrae. Also, the sacrum, which is the decrease half of the backbone mounted to the pelvis, is angled ahead. 


Since the sacrum is related to the pelvis, any rotation of the pelvis impacts the vertebrae of the backbone. 

If the pelvis is rotated ahead barely (b), the lumbar backbone curves to higher keep an upright posture. However, a backward tilt can result in an elevated flattening of the lumbar backbone. This can improve kyphosis (typically known as hunchback or roundback), which is a spinal dysfunction the place the backbone has an outward curve and this ends in the event of irregular rounding of the higher again (c).

As you’ll be able to see within the picture beneath, in comparison with relaxed standing, each upright and slouched sitting have smaller angles. The smaller the angle in extended sitting, the larger the chance for again ache and damage.



The hamstring muscle tissue additionally affect sitting posture and the place of the backbone. They lengthen from simply above the knee to the pelvis, that means they cross the hip and knee joints. As a end result, the extensibility and the energy of hamstrings have an effect on again posture as nicely. 

In reality, in individuals who have lower back pain associated to working for lengthy durations in entrance of a laptop, their hamstring muscle tissue are inclined to have elevated exercise. This implies that folks with again ache tended to have extra tense hamstring muscle tissue than these with out again ache. 

One study examined the results of stretching the hamstrings within the office on posture. Researchers discovered that hamstring stretching exercises successfully elevated hamstring extensibility, leading to a extra aligned spinal curve and a extra favorable pelvic tilt. 

Another study discovered that athletes who had injured their hamstrings had poorer decrease again posture. Both of these research are examples of the correlation between hamstring health and posture. 


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Sitting Postures

Experts are inclined to categorize sitting postures into three types: anterior, posterior, and center. 

In the anterior (ahead leaning) posture (A and B within the determine beneath), the middle of gravity is positioned in entrance of the ischial tuberosities (“butt bones”) over the thighs, which may trigger pressure within the decrease again. Here, the ground helps greater than 25 p.c of physique weight. 

In the posterior (backward leaning) posture, the middle of gravity is behind the ischial tuberosities. This is the posture most popular for resting, however over time it may well trigger ache within the pelvis. 

In the center (relaxed, unsupported) posture, the middle of gravity is straight above the ischial tuberosities. The flooring helps 25 p.c of physique weight, which is ideal, and the backbone is straight or solely barely curved ahead. This is the perfect sitting place for posture and again health.  

AFPA_Schoberth_Sitting_Figures_V4 (1)

Since sitting statically for lengthy durations of time is linked to low again ache, researchers have examined the connection between totally different postures and sitting types and the event. 

One study examined the influence of twenty minutes of sitting in several methods on trunk vary of movement, muscle exercise, and proprioception, which is the power to really feel how your physique is oriented within the house round you.  

The first sitting model was static slouched (unmoving with the backbone curved ahead), the second model was upright (unmoving with muscle tissue activated to take a seat upright), and the third model was supported sitting with a backrest. The research discovered that the slouched place had the bottom activation of the stomach muscle. 

This research illustrates why it is very important stay along with your again straight up, regardless of the seat of selection. 

With the right use of a stability ball, you spend your time actively balancing, so your physique might naturally type a extra right posture. For some folks, this may alleviate any again or core pressure that you might have beforehand skilled sitting in a chair.

Besides simply improved posture and core energy, beneath we clarify 5 different advantages that you could be expertise by changing your workplace chair with a stability ball. 

Keep in thoughts that the soundness ball isn’t for everybody. In reality, if you’re extra prone to slouch ahead and lean on your desk slightly than preserve your muscle tissue activated when you use a stability ball, it might current more disadvantages, including discomfort, than benefits for you. However, the benefit of the soundness ball is that it may well probably enhance your posture by maintaining your muscle tissue engaged, so long as you make the acutely aware effort to take action.

The Benefits of Using a Stability Ball

Experiencing the detrimental results of sitting in an workplace chair? Here are 5 advantages of sitting on a stability ball:

Burn Extra Calories

As a private coach, you might not spend a giant portion of your day sitting. However, many of your shoppers might sit for eight or extra hours a day. That’s the place you are available in. 

While you in all probability focus on type and stance throughout every session, half of being a profitable private coach is integrating your information and experience past the fitness center. You have to be keen to go the additional mile and supply recommendation that your shoppers can take house with them. If your consumer is eager about changing their workplace chair with a stability ball; when it’s used accurately, remind them of the added bonus: further burned energy. 

What is the right means to make use of a stability ball for sitting?

  • Keep your knees hip-width aside.
  • Keep each toes on the bottom.
  • Straighten your backbone and roll your shoulders again (you might want to regulate the place of your keyboard and laptop) in order that your neck shouldn’t be bent.
  • As you sit, make slight round or side-to-side actions along with your buttocks and again to maintain your abs activated. 

It’s easy, actually: The extra we transfer, the extra energy we burn. The extra time sitting actively on the soundness ball, the extra you progress. 

Relieve Back Pain

Unfortunately, sitting on a stability ball is not going to miraculously alleviate any ache you might be experiencing. However, in case you take a second to stretch your again muscle tissue whereas sitting on the soundness ball, you might be able to relieve some of the ache you might be experiencing. 

Here are some choices:

  • Side stretch: Sit up straight and unfold your legs about hip-width aside along with your toes flat on the bottom. Put your proper hand on your hip and stretch your left hand up and over to your proper facet. Hold for 5 seconds and swap sides. Repeat 3 times. 
  • Spine rotation: While sitting straight up on the soundness ball, convey your palms collectively at your chest so your fingers are pointing upward. While maintaining your head centered along with your palms, and with out shifting your hips, rotate your physique to the appropriate, maintain for 5 seconds, then to the left. Repeat 3 times. 
  • Bridge: Sit on the exercise ball along with your arms to your sides and slowly stroll your toes out whereas leaning again barely. Move down on the ball till it’s on your higher again. Raise your arms over your head so your again types a bridge. Use your legs to roll the ball as much as your mid-spine and attempt to deepen the stretch. Hold the place for ten to fifteen seconds and slowly return to your beginning place. 

Tone Core Muscles

While merely sitting on a stability ball is not going to tone your muscle tissue, having the soundness ball on-hand will make it rather more sensible to take a second to do exercises to tone your abs and obliques. 

Back health is intently related to core muscle energy. Research shows that core strengthening helps to scale back hip muscle imbalance and helps to scale back low again ache. 

Take a brief ten-minute break at least as soon as a day to carry out a couple of exercises, akin to:

  • Plank with forearms on the ball
  • Ball squat
  • Shoulder curl and press
  • Half ball crunch
  • Reverse crunch

If you might have a critical again or spinal situation, be certain to verify along with your physician earlier than making an attempt out these exercises. 

Breathe Better

When you might be slouched over, your lungs are shortened, so that you breathe in much less air. One modern study published in 2019 examined the influence of sitting posture on lung operate. 

The research discovered that when sitting posture maintained a impartial decrease again curve folks had a lot larger air capability and total improved lung operate. 

As lengthy as you might be utilizing the soundness ball correctly and your muscle tissue are activated to have a impartial sitting posture, it may well make it easier to breathe higher. 

Induce the Inspiration to Stretch

Maybe it is simply us, however it’s slightly troublesome as a coach to take a seat on a stability ball with out taking a break or two in the course of the day to stretch out and relieve some pressure. 

The stability ball, along with functioning as your seat, may also be a instrument that can assist you stretch to alleviate any pressure you may really feel.  It can even present added assist while you wish to get a deeper stretch that you could be not have been in a position to carry out in any other case. 

Other Suggestions to Improve Posture

Choosing the appropriate seat is only one of the issues you are able to do to enhance sitting posture and total again health. Other issues you are able to do on a regular basis embody:

  • Stretch repeatedly. Stretching your hamstrings on a daily basis in the workplace generates a extra aligned backbone and a extra favorable trunk inclination. 
  • When you stand, be sure to are distributing your weight evenly on every foot.
  • Get as much as stroll at common intervals. 
  • Strengthen your thigh muscle tissue. 
  • Stretch and rotate your neck. 
  • Sit actively. Sitting on a stability ball naturally encourages you to take a seat actively, however you can even sit actively in chairs and on benches by reminding your self to middle your trunk over your backbone.
  • Use right again assist. This is especially useful when you find yourself sitting in a chair. It is necessary to put money into good back support, selecting seating that naturally helps you sit in a impartial, but supported, place so you’ll be able to really feel relaxed whereas sitting upright. 
  • When you might be texting or studying, preserve your cellphone or guide at eye stage so your neck isn’t curved downward. 
  • Avoid sporting excessive heels. Use sneakers with good arch assist on a common foundation and save your excessive heels for a particular night time out. 
  • Choose a agency mattress and a low pillow. 

Main Takeaways

Remember that sitting on a stability ball is not going to be a panacea for the eight-hour workday. And, whereas utilizing a stability ball can alleviate a lot of the pressure you might expertise when sitting in an workplace chair, many experts still argue whether or not it has the benefits folks search, and a few analysis has proven that sitting on an exercise ball may have disadvantages, akin to spinal shrinkage. The fact is, sitting all day—regardless of sitting in a chair versus on a stability ball—can negatively influence your health.

For greatest outcomes, swap backwards and forwards between utilizing a chair and a stability ball. And, do not forget to face up all through the workday to mitigate any attainable health considerations related to sitting for a lengthy interval of time.


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