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Dealing with diabetes – your questions answered

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Dealing with diabetes – your questions answered

If you’ve ever been chubby, chances are high that you just’ve at the least thought concerning the dreaded D-phrase and puzzled precisely what it’s prefer to be dealing with diabetes. There are an estimated 4.6 million folks dwelling with diabetes within the UK (together with those that stay undiagnosed) based on Diabetes UK, and the quantity is rising – making it one of many world’s commonest lengthy-time period health circumstances.

But what precisely is diabetes, and the way do you deal with it if you’re recognized? We requested Hema Love, a pharmacist for AXA PPP healthcare to reply a few of our urgent questions about it.

Dealing with diabetes – your questions answered

What is diabetes?

Diabetes happens when your physique doesn’t produce sufficient insulin or is unable to make use of the insulin it produces in addition to it ought to (this is called insulin resistance). Insulin is produced by the pancreas and is essential as a result of it helps to maneuver glucose – a sort of sugar – out of the blood and into our cells, the place it’s transformed into vitality.

If you don’t have diabetes, your pancreas senses when glucose has entered your bloodstream and releases the correct amount of insulin in order that the correct amount of glucose can get into your cells.

Similarly, if blood glucose ranges fall too low a course of is triggered that replenishes glucose ranges within the blood from reserves within the physique – on this means the extent of glucose within the blood is stored inside the ‘normal’ vary.

When you may have diabetes, the system doesn’t work because it ought to. The lack of insulin (or resistance to its results) causes a construct-up of glucose within the blood, which may result in severe health issues, together with blindness, coronary heart illness, kidney failure and even stroke if not managed.

What’s the distinction between kind 1 and kind 2 diabetes?

Both kind 1 and kind 2 diabetes are recognized in the identical means, on the premise that your blood sugar is just too excessive, collectively with the signs you’re experiencing.

Type 1 diabetes tends to begin earlier in life (normally in childhood, or in your teenage years) and must be handled with insulin injections from the outset. This is as a result of kind 1 diabetes happens when the physique produces no insulin in any respect, or when the cells within the physique don’t react to insulin as they need to (often known as insulin resistance). The insulin-producing cells within the pancreas are destroyed by the immune system and due to this fact can not produce insulin. Type 1 is much less frequent than kind 2.

Type 2 diabetes is extra carefully linked to being chubby. It tends to run in households and comes on in maturity. It can typically be handled with food regimen, controlling your weight and tablets (at the least within the early phases).

Is one kind of diabetes extra severe than the opposite?

There isn’t any gentle type of diabetes – each kind 1 and kind 2 diabetes may cause severe issues if not correctly managed, and each require common remedy and observe-up.

Why are blood sugar ranges essential?

If your blood sugar falls too low, hypoglycemia can happen. Hypoglycaemia is a really low degree of blood sugar. Blood sugar is measured by millimoles per litre (mmol/l). A blood sugar degree under 3.9 – and undoubtedly under 3mmol/l  – is classed as a ‘hypo’.

In individuals who endure from diabetes, ‘hypos’ will be triggered when you skip a meal or wait too lengthy between meals. It also can occur after exercising or when you drink alcohol on an empty abdomen. Some diabetes medicines also can drop blood sugar an excessive amount of.

If blood sugar ranges rise too excessive, hyperglycaemia (‘hyper’) might happen. This is when blood sugar ranges are very excessive, which can require hospital remedy as it could result in you turning into dehydrated and even comatose.

What are the commonest signs of kind 1 diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes comes on in a short time, typically inside days or even weeks. The commonest signs of kind 1 diabetes embody:

  • elevated and fixed thirst
  • an elevated must pee
  • excessive fatigue
  • blurred imaginative and prescient
  • unexplained weight loss

What are the commonest signs of kind 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is commonly linked with food regimen and way of life and is normally sluggish to develop. The commonest signs of kind 2 diabetes embody:

  • fatigue
  • an elevated must pee, particularly at evening
  • elevated starvation and/or feeling hungry not lengthy after consuming a meal
  • elevated thirst
  • blurred imaginative and prescient
  • wounds that take a very long time to heal
  • itching of the pores and skin, significantly across the genitals

What is pre-diabetes?

Pre-diabetes is when your blood glucose ranges are larger than they need to be, however not excessive sufficient to qualify as diabetes. This places you at an elevated danger of growing kind 2 diabetes, however in lots of instances, modifications in your food regimen and being extra energetic can delay and even forestall the onset of full-blown diabetes.

When ought to I see a physician if I’m involved about diabetes?

ASAP! Both sorts of diabetes require monitoring and remedy, so when you’re experiencing the signs above and are involved about diabetes, it’s greatest to see a GP as quickly as you possibly can.

Is there a remedy for diabetes?

Diabetes is a lifelong situation and in the mean time there is no such thing as a identified remedy. However, it can be managed and is commonly managed very efficiently.

For folks with kind 1 diabetes, this implies taking insulin – both by injection or via a pump which drip-feeds insulin into the physique all through the day.

Type 2 diabetes will be managed via food regimen and exercise initially, though tablets are sometimes required because the situation progresses to enhance your response to or improve your ranges of insulin.

What way of life modifications can I make to assist forestall diabetes?

It’s a good suggestion to partake in common exercise and to maintain your weight down if you’re chubby.  It’s additionally a good suggestion to restrict your consumption of sugary liquids equivalent to fizzy drinks, as these give a sudden rush of glucose to the system, which will be troublesome for your physique to deal with if you’re pre-diabetic or when you may have diabetes.

Stick to a healthy, balanced food regimen and attempt to keep away from lengthy sedentary intervals (sitting at a desk, taking part in video games or watching TV).

I’ve heard that it’s doable to ‘reverse’ diabetes – is that this true?

Although as talked about above, there is no such thing as a remedy for diabetes, research have proven that it might be doable for some folks to ‘reverse’ kind 2 diabetes via way of life modifications, reaching ‘normal’ blood sugar ranges with out the necessity for medicine.

Even with ‘reversed’ diabetes, you’ll nonetheless must have common checkups to make sure that your blood sugar stays inside regular ranges with out medicine as this will fluctuate, and signs can return at any time.

Having stated that, it’s doable for individuals who have reversed diabetes to go years with out experiencing signs or needing to regulate their blood sugar ranges with medicine.

Is weight loss the one means of reversing diabetes?

It actually appears to assist, though research have proven that it tends to work in sufferers who lose greater than 30lbs and who haven’t had diabetes for an prolonged time frame. Being recognized with diabetes could also be your wakeup name to get your weight underneath management, and also you might be able to management it this manner.

Check out Amazing Loser Julian’s story right here – he was recognized with kind 2 diabetes and went on to lose eight stone which led to the reversal of his diabetes. “The day I heard that I’d reversed my diabetes was one of the greatest moments of my life” he says. “My doctor’s reaction was hilarious – they couldn’t find any trace of diabetes and thought the blood tests must have been faulty!”

So when you’re chubby and anxious about kind 2 diabetes – there may be hope.

Many due to Hema and AXA PPP for answering these regularly requested questions about diabetes. If you’re anxious about your probability of growing diabetes, see your GP.

You also can discover out your danger rating of growing diabetes with Diabetes UK’s quiz here, and you probably have extra questions about managing diabetes there’s a entire wealth of data on the Diabetes UK web site here and the NHS web site here.

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