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The Beginner Resistance Band Workout You Can Do At Home

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Are you doing quite a lot of residence exercises proper now nevertheless it all feels a bit random? We’re right here to cease that.

No extra random body weight exercises.

No extra random resistance band exercises.

If you need to take advantage of this time at residence, you want a training plan.

One that’s designed to enhance your power and construct muscle week-after-week.

We’ve received you lined.

This resistance band exercise is a tackle the basic Push, Pull, Legs (PPL) template, which is a 3-day muscle and strength-building cut up. Our strategy was to maintain it easy for freshmen. Rest assured that this cut up addresses all the main muscle teams.

Instead of utilizing barbells or dumbbells, we’re going to maximise the usage of resistance bands. Don’t have one at residence? We will our advice beneath on what you possibly can order right this moment.

How? By utilizing techniques and exercises that drive extra muscular rigidity and push you nearer to fatigue.

Are you new to training with resistance bands?

The first query you need to ask is what’s your health degree? This article is focused for freshmen.

So let’s begin with setting the proper resistance.

The secret’s that for every exercise you want the band to start out above its resting threshold.

In easier phrases, you need to really feel the resistance within the band earlier than you start any of the exercises outlined beneath. What is most essential throughout a resistance band exercise is to not rush by the actions. Be positive to take your time, really feel the burn, and squeeze your muscular tissues through the exercise. You need it to have fixed rigidity.

What if you happen to don’t have a resistance band at residence?

Here’s the band we advocate proper now: The EliteFTS Pro Monster Mini Resistance Band.

How usually do you have to practice?

You might practice greater than 3 instances per week, however at all times observe a Push, Pull, Legs cadence.

Here are some pattern splits that you could be contemplate:

Once Per Week

  • Monday: Leg exercise
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: Push exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Pull exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Saturday/Sunday: Off

Every Day, No Off Days

  • Monday: Leg exercise
  • Tuesday: Push exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Wednesday: Pull exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Thursday: Leg exercise
  • Friday: Push exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Saturday: Pull exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Sunday: Leg exercise

Every day, no off days: Lower, Push, Pull, repeat

3 On And 1 Off

  • Monday: Leg exercise
  • Tuesday: Push exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Wednesday: Pull exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Leg exercise
  • Saturday: Push exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Sunday: Pull exercise (higher physique exercise)
  • Monday: You would begin once more with Lower physique

And, though we’ve assigned 3 units for many lifts beneath. The variety of units is actually as much as you.

If you solely have 20 minutes, simply run by all the exercises as soon as.

Have an hour and actually need to get after it? Do 4 units.

How Do You Get The Right Tension In The Band

Getting the proper rigidity in your bands comes right down to your foot placement throughout the bands.

Get it proper, and the band will resist your full vary of movement. Get it unsuitable, and the band will likely be both too tight (and due to this fact prohibit your vary of movement) or not tight sufficient to problem you.

Here’s a fast video on the place to place your toes within the bands.

Exercise Band Video Demonstrations

Let’s undergo every motion beneath to be sure to are doing it with correct kind.

Kneeling Adductor Stretch

Glute Bridge

Band Resisted Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Band Resisted RDL

Bear Crawl 

Band Resisted Glute Bridge

Bodyweight Squat 

Shoulder Taps

Single Leg Plank


Band Resisted Floor Press

Pike Press

Band Resisted Lateral Raise

Band Resisted Tricep Pressdown

Bird Dog

Band Resisted Face Pull

Single Arm Resistance Band Row

Hollow Band Resistance Band Lat Pulldown

Band Resisted Bent Over Row

Resistance Band Pull Apart

Resistance Band Hammer Curl

4-Week Resistance Band Workout For Beginners

Below we share our 4-week resistance band exercise, exercise movies for every, and a video displaying the whole exercise.

Legs Resistance Band Exercises

Push Resistance Band Exercises

Pull Resistance Band Exercises

Now It’s Your Turn

That’s all we now have for

Now we need to hear from you:

What exercise are you most excited to do?

What exercise cut up are you going to decide on?

Or do you could have a query on any of the movies we shared?

Let us know by leaving a remark beneath.

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